We just dropped a new, FREE, simple but powerful plugin called “Woo Convert Buttons

In version 1.0, the plugins allows you to place the “Add To Cart Button” above the fold of the page. That means users will always see the “Add To Cart Button” as soon as the page loads, without having to scroll.

By default, Woocommerce places the “Add To Cart” button below the short description and if the short description is long, then a user will have to scroll down before seeing the “Add To Cart” button. This difference can make an impact on sells. Keeping the “Add To Cart” button above the fold will naturally increase conversion rates.

We have more features planned for “Woo Convert Buttons” so stay tuned. Also if you like and want to support the development of Woo Convert Buttons and other plugins please consider donating HERE. You can access Woo Convert Buttons from our shop on the main menu or HERE 

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